The MPMC.G is a transdisciplinary research team based in Germany, currently consisting of Dr. Rosa Cordillera Castillo and project assistant Jasmine Grace Wenzel at the Humboldt University of Berlin, and visual artist Lizza May David and project assistant Yanni R. Hernandez. The project team not only contributes to the visual inventory of Philippine objects in museums and private collections in Germany, but also produces postcolonial interventions through lectures, workshops, and art projects.

Current base work has been possible together with the Rautenstrauch Joest Museum Cologne and the Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt.

MPMC.G is part of MAPPING PHILIPPINE MATERIAL CULTURE - a project of the Philippine Studies forum at SOAS University of London, lead by Dr. Cristina Martinez-Juan. The aim is to generate a comparative discourse by digitally collating objects from the Philippines that are held by museums outside the country. An exchange with international collections is also facilitated by the English-language website.

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