2012, Poster "On Surface, variable size
(Interpretation / Reenactment of Lisl Ponger's "Wild Places")
1 chanel HDV video loop "Simoun"
Floor installation

Berlin based artist Lizza May David takes residence at Green Papaya Art Projects for two weeks exploring the models of understanding between the subject and nation beyond its symbolic realms. On what media are personal/collective narratives being inscribed? How does this influence their reception and the understanding of time, space and body? What is being forgotten and/or has to be rewritten?

The text is from the framework of the residency and exhibition with the same title On Surface, organized by Lian Ladia, which was supported by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department cooperation with Green Papaya Art Projects

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Interpretation / Reenactment of Lisl Ponger's "Wild Places", Poster, variable size

Exhibition view in front of Green Papaya Art Projects, Manila


1 chanel HDV video loop
also see >videos

View at Green Papaya Art Projects, Manila