This booklet is published in conjunction with the group exhibition caring structures at Kunstvereins Hildesheim (November 31, 2020 – January 9, 2021). It brings together the text-based works of artists, researchers and activists as well as texts that refer to the displayed works of the exhibition. The contributions are supplemented by a book list from the small library in the exhibition space.
The text Lizza May David wrote for this booklet is an excerpt of the dialogues in the one-hour documentary CYCLES OF CARE. Filipina Care Workers in Israel Return to Manila. The documentary portrays five women care workers, who have returned to their families in the Philippines after working for private households in Israel for several years.
> Find Lizza May David's contribution (collab. with Claudia Liebelt) "Linda Beebee Amy Lena Ludy" in Deutsch and English on page 54-83.

Women Artists from Germany, Sweden, Australia, Denmark and Manila are featured in an exhibition at the Ateneo Art Gallery from February 16 to April 20, 2013. YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT features contemporary female artists working with video, painting, photography, media and technology, creating process-oriented works that often involve collaborations, social interaction and the inclusion of real situations in their pieces. Their works reveals certain biographies wherein the personal becomes political.
The Philippines, as a developing country, has been ranked high globally - as a country leading gender equality, closely following European counterparts. This makes it a very interesting point of interest for bold works that are open to in-depth research, chance and participation. This exhibition is curated by Lian Ladia.
> Find more info on the exhibition here. The catalog can also be purchased through this link.

Since 2006, The artist group Global Alien is spread over the globe with a junction point of members in Berlin. Their projects are concerned with the fragmentary nature and globalization, power relations and cultural identities.
Working with æsthetical visibilities of social and urban realities, Global Aliens’ approach is to invent ways of communication, where the audience is invited to participate in play and game-like performances. The aim of each action is to create a fluid space of performativity, which leads to a permanent exchange with local conditions to overcome borders and meet each other where we are.
> Lizza May David participated in the development of the catalogs "Hope or Failure" (Eigenverlag, 2009), and "Global Alien - GA1 / GA2 / GA3" (Traktor Verlag Berlin, 2014). Find more info on her contribution here. Email Lizza May David for more info.

The publication Beyond Re/Production MOTHERING (2011) focuses on the image of caring and mothering in the present. In neoliberalism, motherhood has become a nexus of many political discussions, whose connections with the current upheavals in the organization of biopolitics and social reproduction are represented and made visible.
The project sees itself as part of a feminist discussion process that focuses on ideal images, nightmares and dilemmas of the contemporary working social mother. At the same time, it is about the spread of wage-based care work as modern female labor migration. The catalog shows 19 visual positions, many of which articulate themselves on the borders between self-examination, artistic research and political practice and choose partly documentary, partly artistic forms of expression.
In the 5 theoretical positions of the publication by Silvia Federici, Gabriele Winker, Raewyn Connell, Eva Tolasch and Juliane Karakayali, the focal points of the exhibition are deepened.
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